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A product of the baby-boom generation, Gary was born and raised in New York City by way of the South Bronx, Springfield Gds. Queens, and Harlem. He served as a community/political organizer on the staff of the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO), under George Wiley from 1966 to 72. NWRO was among the early civil rights organizations that some reference as the “shock troops” of the civil rights movement. Gary is among the survivors of the much maligned “black power” era that saw the demise of black political militancy by unconventional covert actions, and extrajudicial killings. The civil rights political leadership orthodoxy was the unwitting beneficiaries of the elimination of black political militancy. Accordingly, the civil rights leadership paradigm became vogue as the acceptable archetype for “responsible” black political leadership, going forward.

Following the end of the black political power movement and the demise of the civil rights movement by the middle of the 1970s, Gary and other former community/political organizers retired from the national political activist scene which had a liberal/progressive/leftist political bent, and began local political organizing/activist initiatives in the Republican Party. Gary James was a figure of consequence as a leader in the GOP activist wing of the party in New Work until 2008. From 1984 through to the political advent of President Barack Obama, James in the framework of the grassroots activist wing of the GOP pioneered unchartered waters in the African American and Hispanic communities in New York City and State. For example, James was a coordinator in New York for the reelection of Reagan-Bush in 1984 when the GOP carried NYS for the first time since President Calvin Coolidge. In 1986, James was a coordinator for the Republican Party Gubernatorial candidate Supreme Court Justice Andrew O’Rourke, he delegated for Congressman Jack Kemp during his bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 1988, and James served as Vice Chairman in 1992 for the reelection of President George H.W. Bush.

New York State and City during this period (1980 – 2000) Black and Hispanic Republicans had developed a presence at the local, state and national levels generating competition for local elective offices. Republican Party clubs and organizations proliferated and perhaps 40 to 50 GOP candidates competed for municipal, state and national elective office. Most of the candidates competed for office under the umbrella and management of the grassroots activist wing of the Republican Party. At the invitation of the chairman of the Republican Party State Committee recruited Gary James to author the Black Republican Taskforce, as an outreach and recruitment initiative. Ultimately, the activity and political potential of the political taskforce became controversial and a threat to the political status quo.  

In 2008 Gary cofounded a coalition of Democrats and Republicans on behalf of the election of Senator Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States. Dubbed “New Era” politics the initiative was more successful than initially imagined as the senator was victorious and became the first African American POTUS. In the wake of a press conference announcing “New Era” politics at Sylvia’s iconic restaurant in Harlem, Gary James received an invitation for the Columbia University School of Journalism for an interview. The interview which is here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F_3aQFmU9Y .The reaction from a broad swath of Democrat and Republican voters in the black and white communities for the most part was a mixture of political ignorance and emotional stupidity… Our unexpected political success unearthed more of the past, than it forecast a promising future. After resigning from his leadership role in the activist wing of the GOP in favor of new generation leadership, Gary relocated in 2009, to St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, the birthplace of his beloved father and 3 centuries of ancestors. Gary James is currently an emeritus chairman of the New York City “New Era” political group, a bi-partisan brain trust. He has forfeited his privilege to vote for the president of the United Sates, because of his residency in the United States Virgin Islands. Residents of the Virgin Islands are US citizens but cannot vote for the president of the United States as they enjoy statutory US citizenship. James said, “The Virgin Islands has only 100,000 people, therefore I suspect that my vote will be more consequential to the future of the US territory.”

From 1983 to 2003 Gary studied under and was mentored by His Excellency Dejazmatch Amaha Abera Kassa, who lived in New York City during that period following his release from an 8 year prison sentence subsequent to the 1975 communist revolutionary coup, toppling Ethiopia’s government, which was backed by the former Soviet Union. Professor Kassa was the Chancellor and President of Trinity University College, and a diplomat of the Ethiopian Government with a distinguished pedigree. He served in the capacity of Governor General of the country, Ambassador to the former Yugoslavia, and West Germany, and the permanent representative at the United Nations. Gary served as liaison in local activities, for more information visit: www.BalthazarMonastery.com/RasKassa.pdf   Gary’s studies included Oriental Orthodoxy heritage and tradition as well as the religions of Abraham from an Eastern Orthodox historical perspective.

In 2013 the book “Transfer Day” was released and the book explores Gary’s family roots in St. Croix, and examines the role of many Virgin Islanders that formed the vanguard of the Harlem Renaissance and they made many remarkable contributions around the United States and in deed the world…

““Words can crystalize the invisible realm, manifest in the material realm and influence the world of phenomena…”
– Gary Jose James


We’ve published six (6) books in total and we are promoting the four (4) most recent releases: Black Republican Confession (Spring 2017), CADRE (Winter 2017), Black Politics 2.0 (Winter 2014), and Transfer Day Summer (2013). The current releases are available in paperback and eBook versions. My first two books, ERACISM and EPIPHANY, Three Wise Kings of the Magi are available on AMAZON, but the publisher when out of business and the books are still being sold. Therefore I’m not promoting them until we resolve some outstanding issues. Subjects that interest me include current events, politics, religion, history, science, philosophy, world events and esoteric subjects… My genre is non-fiction however we are currently exploring novels, mysteries, historical fiction and other treatments. Several projects are in the process of becoming

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Started experimenting with Podcasting and it is a fascinating exercise similar to radio broadcasting which we find enjoyable when radio broadcasting opportunity occurs… Podcasting presents interestingly creative approaches to digital broadcasting, similar to radio. Conceptually we are working on developing 20 to 30 minute shows on a broad range of topics, but we are also exploding serial broadcasts with three (3) or more episodes. We’re in the process of developing content for the podcasts under specific broad working titles. America’s Politics, Christmas Day Story, Christianity and Islam Conundrum, Spain and the New Work, Esoteric Enlightenment, just to name a few. We have provided overviews in a pdf file format positioned with a cover design of the title and the pdf provides an outline of the recorded content of the product.

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We have over the years penned many articles, essays, and treatise that remain relevant to our present and future circumstances. As we are ware, hindsight is 20/20 therefore it may be useful to reflect on passed writings because they may shed some light and perspective on our present and future. We’ve developed a system of review and evaluation of previously published material to be revisited in the context of unfolding events that animate media, and news rooms, as well as contribute to the popular social, political and general discourse. Examples of the material cover foreign countries including our visit to the Republic of South Africa following the release of President Nelson Mandela. Reviewing our first visit there as a guest of South Africa’s Department of Foreign Affairs, was a priceless experience. It was a three week fact finding visit, which including meeting with all aspects of society, political activist, educational, government, religious, etc. We thoroughly enjoyed, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Soweto, Pretoria and East London, and we published articles and essays offering out unique hands-on perspectives.

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Sound bites have become the language of traditional and social media, and digital technology by way of the Internet is fast becoming the super highway of sound bite communication. The convenience of sound bite communication has aided the proliferation of information in this Age of Aquarius. The 140 character limit to Twitter posts, and multimedia capacity of Facebook, LinkedIn among other social media, personalize and tailor what is often referenced as the sound bite culture. The popularity of texting is a classic example of how sound bite culture continues to proliferate, and spreads across all demographics. One obvious shortcoming of sound bite culture is that sound bites more often than not are unable to satisfy those among us that seek information and have a broad intellectual appetite, beyond the mundane. Unfortunately, sound bites do little to satiate a robust intellectual appetite. Therefore we are enthusiastically introducing, the Sound Meal Blog: Sound-Meal.com.

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